Warranty Terms and Conditions


Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. takes following products for repair :

  • Calculators
  • Watches and Clocks
  • Data Projectors
  • Electronic Musical Instruments
  • Casio Digital Camera
  • Electronics Dictionaries
  • Label Printers

Warranty duration

Casio India Co., Private Limited provides free warranty services against manufacturing defects for all Casio-India products. The warranty period is mentioned on the warranty Leaflets for respective products.

Warranty conditions

Casio-India products which are under Warranty and having manufacturing defects shall be repaired "FREE OF COST". Customer shall show duly filled warranty card or product with serial number engraved on the back cover and copy of purchase bill for availing warranty Service. The Warranty is valid only in country of purchase (India).

Product having following problems shall be treated as out of warranty :

  • Physical damage to Liquid Crystal Display
  • Scratches on the body of the product.
  • Physical damage to plastic parts.
  • Mishandling of product.
  • Battery leakage.
  • Used bands of watches.
  • Water seepage.
  • Broken bands of watches.
  • Missing parts.
  • Fading of printing.
  • Wear and tear of switches.
  • Discoloration of product parts including cases, bands/straps.

Service Fest & Exchange Offer - Terms and Conditions

This Offer is brought to you by Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. (‘Casio’) and is valid from 23 March 2023 till 26 March 2023. Offer applicable only in select exclusive stores in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh and Ahmedabad.

Exchange Offer:

    1. 1. This exchange offer is valid until stocks last or till the offer expires, whichever is earlier.
    2. 2. Participation in the contest is voluntary and products also available without the offer
    3. 3. Maximum of up-to 50% discount applicable on select models of watches. For further details, please check with the concerned store manager.
    4. 4. By agreeing to participate in the exchange Offer, you hereby represent, warrant and covenant that:          
      1.  1. You are the sole, absolute and lawful owner of the watch being exchanged ("Used Product");
      2.  2. The Used Product is genuine, legitimately owned by you, free from any disputes and is not counterfeit;
      3.  3. You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified Casio and its affiliates, authorized seller against all or any third party claims, demand, cost, expenses including attorney fees which may be suffered, incurred, undergone and/or sustained by Casio, its affiliates, authorized seller in relation to the used product given under exchange.
    5. 5. You understand that once the Used Product is sent for exchange under the Offer, under no circumstances can the Used Product be returned back to you.
    6. 6. You understand and agree that the value of the Used Product is being provided to you in the form of discount on your purchase of new product and the used product becomes the property of Casio including all rights to deal and handle the same. 
    7. 7. You agree not to bring any claim against Casio and its affiliates, authorized seller in relation to either the Used Product or adequacy of the discount provided as part of the Offer.     

    Service Fest:

    Free service shall only be applicable on genuine Casio Watches and include the following:

    1. i. Battery and O-ring Replacement based on requirement and availability
    2. ii. Watch Health Check and Cleaning with Mercury Lotion  
    3. iii. Water resistance check  
    4. iv. 20% Discount on accessory change

    Any service other than above mentioned deliverables shall be on chargeable basis

    Standard Terms & Conditions:

    1. A. By participating in the above offer(s) You hereby give your consent that your personal information that you have provided in connection with this Offer might be processed, transferred and retained by CASIO and the seller involved in managing and administration of the Offer. You are agree to receive CASIO marketing communications, for promotion and post-coverage of the Offer on Casio’s social media platforms and other platforms. CASIO respects customer’s privacy and is committed to collect, store or use personal data only for the purposes of this contest, in line with applicable data protection laws and its Privacy Policy.  
    2. B. You acknowledge and agree that CASIO shall be neither liable nor responsible for any actions or inactions of sellers in relation to the Offer.
    3. C. Casio reserves the right to withdraw / vary the terms of these offers at any point of time without prior notice and liability
    4. D. Courts at New Delhi shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of or in relation to these offers.

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