Warranty Period

Casio India Co., Private Limited provides free warranty services against manufacturing defects.
The warranty period for various categories is as follows:-

  1. Watches & Clocks: 2 years
  2. CES (Cal/Label Printer/E-dictionaries): 3 years
    1. Printer mechanism: 1 years
  3. Projectors: 3 years
    1. Light source: 5 years or 10000hrs
  4. Electronic Music Instruments: 3 years
  5. Headphones : 1 years
  6. Power Adaptor & accessories: Nil


Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. takes following products for repair :
  1. Calculators
  2. Watches and Clocks
  3. Data Projectors
  4. Electronic Musical Instruments
  5. Casio Digital Camera
  6. Electronics Dictionaries
  7. Label Printers

Warranty duration

Casio India Co., Private Limited provides free warranty services against manufacturing defects for all Casio-India products. The warranty period is mentioned on the warranty cards for respective products.

Warranty conditions

Casio-India products which are under Warranty and having manufacturing defects shall be repaired "FREE OF COST". Customer shall show original Warranty card and copy of purchase-bill for availing warranty service.

The Warranty is valid only in country of purchase (India).

Product having following problems shall be treated as out of warranty :
  1. Physical damage to Liquid Crystal Display.
  2. Scratches on the body of the product.
  3. Physical damage to plastic parts.
  4. Mishandling of product.
  5. Battery leakage.
  6. Used bands of watches.
  7. Water seepage.
  8. Broken bands of watches.
  9. Missing parts.
  10. Fading of printing.
  11. Wear and tear of switches.
  12. Discoloration of product parts including cases, bands/straps.


Your Casio watch carries a limited warranty of twenty four (24) months from the date of purchase against all manufacturing defects subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty policy. You may click on the link http://www.casio-intl.com/in/en/support/warranties/for quick reference of the warranty policy.

Customer delight is of the paramount importance to us. We try our best to ensure customer satisfaction. Furthering our objective, we have time and again revised our policies. . In order to ensure customer delight, we are now announcing the following service assurances in relation to the Casio watches. You can happily avail the following benefits if your watch has not been subjected to physical abuse, mishandling, improper use, negligence or unauthorized repair.

To avail these benefits, all you need to do is approach our Authorized Service Center with the Warranty Card bearing the Barcoded Serial Number duly filled and stamped along with the Original Purchase Invoice of your watch.


Our watches undergo series of stringent quality checks before it reaches you. We are confident about the quality of our watches. However if in the untoward eventuality your Casio watch is discovered to have a manufacturing defect within one (1) month from the date of original purchase, we will straight away provide a one-time replacement of your Casio watch with the new one. This shall apply only in case there is a manufacturing defect in the module, dial and hands.


Though discoloration of band or case is not covered under warranty policy, we do acknowledge the fact that Indian climate can be harsh on your Casio metal plated watch. So as a goodwill gesture, if you observe any discoloration in the band or case of your watch within six (6) months from the date of original purchase, we shall provide a one-time free replacement of these parts.


Though battery is not covered under warranty policy, as a goodwill gesture, we shall provide you free replacement of battery if it is drained within (one) 1 year from date of original purchase.


We are confident about our after sale service and therefore as a goodwill gesture we will provide free service warranty on the part so repaired for the period of six (6) months from the date of repair. In case of repairs under warranty period, the free service warranty on the part so repaired shall continue till the remaining warranty period or till the date of completion of 6th month, whichever comes later.


All the components of Casio watches are imported and we maintain adequate stock for timely repairs. If the required part is not in stock with us, we shall endeavour to repair your Casio watch within four (4) weeks from the date it reaches the Authorized Service Centre of Casio for warranty repairs. If in the extreme case, we are unable to repair your watch within the stipulated time, we promise to extend the warranty period of your watch for the number of days your watch was in the custody of our Authorized Service Centre for warranty repairs.

The above benefits can be availed by the original purchaser in INDIA only.

In case you require any assistance with respect to your Casio watch, you are advised to approach our Authorized Service Center, the list of which is provided on the back of your Warranty Terms and Conditions or you may approach us directly on casiocare@casio.co.in